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Attila Richard Lukacs “Your Name Here”

The Herringer Kiss Gallery is proud to present “Your Name Here” by acclaimed International artist, Attila Richard Lukacs. This exhibition will showcase two series of collage paintings done simultaneously between 2013 and 2014 titled Proscenium and Camp David. The many influences, references and iconography in these works are expertly woven together to form a tapestry of art history and social/political realities.

A proscenium  is the frame device for stages in theatres through which the audience views the theatrical performance.  “ It can be considered  a social construct which divides the actors and their stage-world from the audience which has come to witness it.” – Wikipedia.  In these works, Attila incorporates  framing and theatrical devices in his compositions and includes fabric, braiding, fringe and text to create works that  allude to world stages, performances and what has been curated for public viewing. References to Beethoven’s Ghost Trio (which was so named because the score is thought to have been a concept for a Macbeth Opera) can be seen in the ghostly profiles and the repetition of imagery. The paintings and the studio  become the stage for the ghost trio. The Camp David works are in essence, concrete poetry. The Xeroxed poster-like text is deconstructed and reconstructed onto works to become more than mere words but symbol. The image of Michelangelo’s David alongside the repeated text CAMP DAVID, DAVID CAMP, conjures notions of everyday heroics against larger Machiavellian forces and also as a symbol for Queer identity. The other most obvious reference is to the US Presidential retreat and so Lukacs has woven  interesting  and meaningful links between these works of stages,  performances, open and closed curtains and political machinations.  As Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage”.

Attila Richard Lukacs was born in Alberta in 1962. In 1985, Lukacs graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. While still a student at Emily Carr, Lukacs and 7 other painters were selected for a show at the Vancouver Art Gallery titled The Young Romantics. The exhibition, curated at Scott Watson,  focused on new young painters whose work was seen as the return of painting.  Lukacs has shown extensively internationally including the recent “About Face: Stonewall, Revolt and New Queer Art” at the Wrightwood 659 in Chicago. His works are in major collections around the globe.

Lukacs became famous for his large, ambitious paintings depicting exaggerated masculine figures in the classical tradition. His paintings illustrate the artist’s intimate knowledge of the historical compositions and themes of David, Rembrandt, Giotto  and Caravaggio as well as the compositional devices of the miniature painters and illustrators of India and the Middle East.


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