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Jeff Chiu: The Ancestral Home

Exhibition Dates: October 28, 2017 – March 4, 2018

Corkin Gallery is pleased to present The Ancestral Home, a solo exhibition by Jeff Chiu.

I left Boston with my grandfather’s string bound memoir and a suitcase of his personal photo albums. Like many, our interactions were stifled by a lack of knowledge of a common language and culture. To me, his memoir, written in a foreign language, was an illegible block of information, whereas his photo albums were a point of access. The photographs were an opportunity to create new constellations of meaning. In a flash, the photograph would capture a window of light resembling familiar faces and places. Treating the photographic archive as a site for archaeology, new constellations of meaning can be realized by a process of selection and synthesis. In selecting and tracing these ‘windows of light’ into shapes and associations, they seem to resonate into something mystical or mythological. If the photographic archive is a fragmented cast of history, the new images are the distorted molds…

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