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Line & Colour: Michael Batty & Kristofir Dean

Newzones is pleased to present ‘Line & Colour”, a two person exhibition by Michael Batty and Kristofir Dean. Please join us for our opening reception on Saturday March 10th, 2018, from 2-4 PM.

Michael Batty’s paintings are calligraphic in nature, each activating the silence of the blank canvas with exacting strokes of colour. These markings utilize intuitive thin strokes of exacting color along with passages of seemingly empty voids of canvas. With the interacting elements, the viewer is sprung into action; the eye is guided through the painting in a search to both connect with, and de-code, the image. These repetitious elements create visual illustrations of natural forces, such a gravity can be interpreted by the viewer. The paintings contain suggestions of movement perceivable by the viewer and rely on the participation of the viewer to animate the system’s colour and form into a work of kinetic nature.

With a focus on geometric abstraction, Kristofir Dean’s illusionistic paintings bring forth the full spectrum of colour. Colour acts as a focal point; each bold line and juxtaposing mark are saturated with rich hues, creating a vibrating language between colours. From afar, Dean’s paintings appear as 3-D objects, challenging the viewer’s perspective and visual space.

While the works by of these artists are stylistically different, both Batty and Dean’s paintings deal with the interplay of coloured lines. While Batty employs the use of negative space, Dean takes the opposite approach and saturates the canvas with bright colours.

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