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The adhering to dialogue transpired – Defendant BARRISS: Good day. County Dispatcher: This is 911 what’s likely on? Hello. Defendant BARRISS: Yeah.

County Dispatcher: This is 911 what’s going on. Defendant BARRISS: Um, I not too long ago obtained disconnected, I experienced explained to you men every thing that transpired about the argument with my mom and dad.

County Dispatcher: Ok. What is your handle? Hi there. Defendant BARRISS: Yeah. County Dispatcher: Alright.

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Notify me just what happened. Scenario 6:18-cr-10065-EFM Document 1 Filed 05/22/eighteen Web site 7 of 29 eight. County Dispatcher: Ok, so what is actually going on suitable now? Brian are you there? Defendant BARRISS: Yeah.

County Dispatcher: Ok, do you have any weapons on you? Defendant BARRISS: Yeah, I do. County Dispatcher: What sort of weapons do you have? Defendant BARRISS: Um, a handgun. County Dispatcher: What form of handgun is it? Defendant BARRISS: I don’t know it’s my dad’s. County Dispatcher: What shade is it? Defendant BARRISS: It can be black.

County Dispatcher: Where specifically are you at in the house? Defendant BARRISS: Um, by the closet. County Dispatcher: All right, what closet? Defendant BARRISS: My mom’s. County Dispatcher: Where’s that at in the dwelling? Defendant BARRISS: Uh, in her space.

Which is exactly where she’s at and my little brother. County Dispatcher: You have a minor brother? Defendant BARRISS: Yeah Scenario six:18-cr-10065-EFM Document 1 Filed 05/22/eighteen Page 8 of 29 9. I was on the telephone with you guys earlier um, telling you men about it I just, I received disconnected. County Dispatcher: Alright.

We’re gonna consider to get you some assistance um, exactly where specifically in the household like is this a just one tale or two tale property? Defendant BARRISS: It can be a single story. County Dispatcher: Okay, is it towards the front of the dwelling, the again of the home? Is it towards the front of the home, the back again of the property? Defendant BARRISS: Um, very well like it can be, it is really like in direction of the back again I guess. I am just pointing the gun at them earning guaranteed they continue to be in the closet.

My mother and my minimal brother. County Dispatcher: All right, is there any way you can place the gun up? Defendant BARRISS: No, are you fellas sending someone about in this article result in then I am surely not gonna put it away. County Dispatcher: All right, I’m just gonna go forward and continue to be on the telephone with you alright? Defendant BARRISS: That’s good. Right until they get in this article or? County Dispatcher: As long as you require me to ok? Defendant BARRISS: Yeah, I am wondering about, um, trigger I presently poured gasoline all around the property I could possibly just established it on fireplace. County Dispatcher: Alright, nicely we you should not need to do that ok? Defendant BARRISS: In a tiny bit I could possibly. Scenario six:18-cr-10065-EFM Document one Submitted 05/22/18 Webpage 9 of 29 ten. County Dispatcher: Ok.

So which way does your property experience like does your entrance doorway face north, south, east, west? Defendant BARRISS: Uh, no, it is just dealing with the avenue. My father isn’t respiration it is sort of supplying me anxiousness earning me like paranoid. Hello.

Shortly thereafter, the call disconnected. At about seven:50 p. m. , defendants BARRISS and GASKILL had the subsequent trade as a result of electronic communications: Defendant GASKILL: Hello skid Defendant BARRISS: [clown emoji] Defendant GASKILL: So let’s try all over again Defendant GASKILL: You have my deal with do what you be sure to with it Defendant GASKILL: And btw inform dumb ass Casey no person got swatted this shit has me dying Defendant GASKILL: LMFAO kid is so delusional Defendant BARRISS: Lol Defendant BARRISS: ight whatsoever unswattable god Circumstance six:18-cr-10065-EFM Doc 1 Submitted 05/22/18 Web page ten of 29 eleven.

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