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20/20 Spirit Doubles

 Not surprisingly, the result is a show of lively visual diversity, further distinguished by the candour and even intimacy of the visions the artists have offered to viewers. Most of the works convey deeply personal moments of insight. Often these have been sparked by a particular object or setting which, gathering significance over the years, has profoundly affected the artist’s practice and way of looking at the world. Charged with accumulated personal memories, these objects can be as powerful as talismans or as the taste of Proust’s madeleine dipped into lime-blossom tea; they bring Past and Present together in a surge of simultaneity and remembrance. 

-Dr. Eva Seidner
from the exhibition catalogue 20/20: Spirit Doubles  2020
Published by Mira Godard Gallery


On Saturday, March 7th, Mira Godard Gallery is pleased to open the exhibition “20/20 Spirit Doubles”.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a full colour catalogue with essay by Dr. Eva Seidner.

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