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Eldon Garnet – Memories of Tomorrow



Friday, January 10th, 2020




ELDON GARNET: Memories of Tomorrow

                         The Romantic



Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11th, 2020



Christopher Cutts Gallery is pleased to present our 9thsolo exhibition by Toronto based conceptualist Eldon Garnet: Memories of Tomorrowconsisting of three large-scale sculptures and The Romantic, an installation of flags.

Memories of Tomorrow is both a form and a concept. The sculptures present an idyllic past and the current collapse of nature as a synthesis. It is a sculptural representation of industrial disequilibrium. Memories of Tomorrowpresents the possibility of returning the machine to nature, of constructing harmony and compatibility. These sculptures are symbolically loaded totems of possibility.

The work is not didactic but rather poetic, presenting not a solution but a perspective. It is a question, asking, is this the past or the future or both?

In The Romanticeach flag contains two words that do not belong together but which never the less form an instant unity. It is a colourful investigation into the abstraction of romance.

Memories of Tomorrowpushes against the ceiling of the gallery, wanting to break through but held back. The flags of The Romanticare stationary inside the confines of the gallery waiting for a wind.

This two-part installation is a dramatic continuation of Garnet’s interest in sculpture.

This exhibition will run until February 8th, 2020.

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