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Fall Forecast, Curated by Tatum Dooley


We are pleased to present Fall Forecast, a group show curated by Tatum Dooley (@cdnartforecast), and featuring work by Marissa Y Alexander, Anni Spadafora, Kizi Spielmann Rose and Alex Kisilevich. This exhibition is Dooley’s second curatorial project in a series of collaborations with Dianna Witte Gallery.

Art has prepared me for living with a significant lack of human touch—gone is the weight of a hug, a spontaneous hand grasped for a few moments. While six feet of distance between each other still feels alien, we are used to not touching art. In fact, we embrace the boundary of this interaction as a necessary part of art’s preservation. The lack of touch adds something, a closer way of looking. 

I didn’t mean to curate a show that so closely revolves around touch, but looking at the group of artists I feel that’s what subconsciously happened. Simply by looking at the works in fall forecast, we can understand their texture. The patterns of Anni Spadafora’s textiles and Kizi Spielmann Rose’s paintings are contemporary takes on textile patterns—plaid and weaves made dynamic through glitches, saturated colours, and bio-metric layers. 

Marissa Y Alexander’s ceramics likewise are made up of layers that compile to make a deceivingly flat surface—solid and smooth. A three-dimensional ceramic that’s camouflaged as a painting. 

In addition to Alex Kisilevich’s photographs, his video work captures impossible movement—fabric dancing without touch or wind. The result is magical, opening up the possibilities of a world without touch, but not without tenderness.

Tatum Dooley 

Tatum Dooley is a writer based in Toronto. Her work has appeared in Artforum, Bordercrossings, Canadian Art, Garage Magazine, Lapham’s Quarterly, The Walrus and more. In addition to writing, Tatum curated her first art exhibition at Dianna Witte Gallery in 2019. She has written curatorial essays for Inter/Access in Toronto and Parisian Laundry in Montreal.

We invite you to join us for an opening reception and curator’s talk on Saturday September 19th from 2-3PM and 3-4PM. We kindly ask that visitors book their time slot with us in advance. In order to maintain physical distancing measures we are limiting each time slot and request that you wear a face mask. Our hope is that these intimate receptions will create a more memorable experience for the artist and viewer. If you have any questions, please email us at

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