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Hans Wendt “Fugere (et Irrumabo Inveniet)”

Our second solo exhibition for PEI artist Hans Wendt features 12 new trompe l’oeil still-life paintings that continue Wendt’s obsession with cut, ripped, torn and stacked paper samples.

Wendt uses as his source material the paper colour swatches that art students use to study colour theory. He creates intricate compositions with the samples, lights them dramatically and then paints large-scale watercolours in a photo-realistic manner.

His work pays homage to both the history of minimalist abstraction and the difficult watercolour medium technique. He is channeling the large abstract paintings of Gerhard Richter, Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko, but makes the abstractions quite whimsical and playful. There is a figurative aspect to these new watercolours, which Wendt says happened entirely by accident. Each watercolour, with their unnatural and sometimes discordant colours, and their stacked blocks of colour with marvelous rips, deep folds and bends, have very distinct personalities.

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