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Jeff Sylvester was born in Edmonton, Alberta where he currently lives and works. He was trained at the University of Grant MacEwan in graphic design and has been working in the art industry for the past twelve years. During that time he has exhibited his paintings in a number of venues throughout Edmonton, as well as across North America.

The Front Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition of Jeff Sylvester’s layered acrylic and epoxy paintings. They impart a shimmering, multi dimensional appearance to groupings of birds. Subtle murmurations that symbolize our sense of community and the ability to become more than our own individual sums; to work and transform as a group. Placing these groups of birds in direct relation to communication towers creates an alternative or underlying narrative that speaks to group behavior in the context of social media. This space between a community that works together to achieve some collective benefit and a community that works to move and direct you to an ideology that isn’t necessarily based on your own beliefs, continues to become less and less open.

  • April 25, 2019 - May 15, 2019