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Galerie D’Este is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Canada by Japanese photographer Masako Miyazaki. In this photographic series, the artist elaborates a dreamlike discourse on nature and rooting. Inspired by her own migration history, Masako Miyazaki reveals in her photographs the similarities between trees and man. Being both subjects and metaphors, trees are at the heart of the organic relationship that unites the artist with nature. Capturing their silhouettes through her lens as if she were capturing a portrait, trees display appearances, shapes and features that can recall the human being. A story can then be revealed through the contemplation of each one. Each photograph is printed on paper made of Washi, a plant originally from Japan. The use of this material refers to the organic symbiosis that characterizes the work of Masako Miyazaki. Through, 木 – A tree -, the artist invites the viewer to enter an environment where time seems to stop.

Masako Miyazaki lives and works in Montreal. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, she moved to Canada in 2013. Candidate to the M.F.A. in photography at Concordia University, Masako Miyazaki explores the vagaries of nature through her lens. Representing beauty, conflict and mystery, nature is for her a place of meditation. By capturing real moments to create an imaginary world, Masako Miyazaki takes on the role of narrator and challenges the cultural and philosophical aspects of modern life. Her photographs, like poetry, dialogue with the spectators and invite them to interact with her work. Among her solo exhibitions, Masako Miyazaki has exhibited on numerous occasions in Tokyo, including the Green Hole exhibitions, organized in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy and The Other Side II. She has participated in collective exhibitions, including one at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. The works of Masako Miyazaki are found in the collections of the Gallery Tosei and the University Toyo Gakuen in Japan. Her works are represented by Galerie D’Este in Montreal.

  • November 15, 2017 - December 10, 2017