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Robert Davidovitz

Robert Davidovitz

Freshly Squeezed

October 25 – November 25, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 3, 2-5pm


Foregoing the paintbrush for a piping bag, Robert Davidovitz crafts elegant abstract linear compositions using multi-coloured strands of extruded paint. His process-based approach expands and reimagines how we define the act of painting.  Building on his earlier work, this new series marks an exciting evolution in the artist’s practice. The work retains its connection to weaving processes through the physical act of crafting bands and arranging them.

Within each strand, gentle gradients of optical colour fade from one into the next. In each band, Davidovitz’s precision manually controls this gradation of colour. By employing an intuitive approach and listening to the materials, he allows the lines to ‘be what they want to be’. Air bubbles that appear during the extrusion process and gentle undulations become welcomed surprises, further amplifying the materiality and tactile qualities of his paintings.

His deliberate orchestration of line and colour draw the eye in to conjure different moods. By isolating the strands, Davidovitz’s linear approach to each composition demonstrates a confidence and sophistication in their minimalism.

Robert Davidovitz is a Canadian artist, living and working in Toronto. He is best known for his intricate ‘Woven Paint’ series, which marries the aesthetics of post-war painting and fibre-arts. Davidovitz has been featured in various publications and press including the Huffington Post, ArtToronto, Moco Loco, and Bizarre Beyond Belief. His work has been exhibited in both public and private art galleries, including the Durham Art Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, First Canadian Place Gallery, Red Head Gallery, and the Thames Art Gallery.

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