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Scott Pattinson, Fade Into

“It’s a series of love letters in paint.”

In his own words, Scott Pattinson’s new body of work is an ode to love and the inevitability of change. Each bold canvas speaks to transition, to “fading in together.” And the titles provide indelible proof of this movement; such works as Pause, HesitationReturn From or Towards Each, reveal this “fade”, the idea of becoming something else and assuming new qualities in colour, line, light, texture and shape.

“That means something for every situation, currently poignant in the world, but also any relationship with people, things and concepts. So I worked the canvas with varying energies; aggressively, but sensual, until the pigment faded entirely. The later layers pulled upon the conversation below it. Covering, erasing, transecting, bumping into, flailing out of control at times, but finding an inner calm amongst the chaos”. ~ Scott Pattinson

Oeno Gallery

Founded in 2004, Oeno Gallery has forged a reputation for the sale of exceptional fine art paintings and sculpture created by established and mid-career artists with international reputations. Our knowledgeable sales consultants are able to assist in the acquisition of primary market work and also facilitate private, consignment sales in the secondary market. We have assisted in the sale of works by Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, JEH Macdonald, Emily Carr, Frederick Banting and other important historic Canadian and European artists.

As a member of the Art Dealer’s Association of Canada, Oeno Gallery is committed to a high standard of professionalism in its collaboration with collectors, clients, artists and the art community. We are a trusted source for art consultants, designers and collectors in Canada and around the world. We have built relationships with clients in the US, Australia, Europe, the UK, China, and the Middle East.

Located two hours east of Toronto, Oeno Gallery is situated on Huff Estates, a winery and inn outside of Bloomfield, Ontario. At the edge of the vineyard on four acres, Oeno Gallery has collected a robust selection of outdoor sculptures available for purchase. The Oeno Gallery Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates holds over 60 pieces exhibited amongst roses, yarrow, hops, vines and grasses tended daily by two gardeners. In addition, the gallery maintains a full schedule of monthly exhibitions and is host to lectures, artist’s talks, and musical performances.

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