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Commands and cheats for Far Cry 3

Shooter Far Cry 3 was the best project of 2012. The adventures of an ordinary kid, Jason Brody, on the island of drug dealers and bandits made a considerable impression on gamers around the world. Although the passage of the game is quite simple, and most fans of “shooters” quite calmly move around the map from place to place, but still there are quite difficult moments. For such cases, cheats for Far Cry 3 have been created. They will be discussed in this short review. You can find the full list of Far Cry 3 cheats PC at

Cheat codes for Far Cry 3

The developers of the game were worried that the passage would give maximum pleasure, and for this special codes were created to facilitate the gamer’s life in difficult moments. Cheats for Far Cry 3 can give you an endless supply of ammo or make it absolutely invulnerable. Also, with the help of commands, you can become invisible to enemies or skip introductory videos.

How to enter cheats for Far Cry 3?

To apply these commands, find the game shortcut on the desktop. Hover over it and click (right-click). These actions will open a special menu, and now you need to find the “Properties” item in it. After that, find the “Object” field, which will show the path to the main game file. Now you need to add after the “exe” the comma -GameProfile_ and those cheats for Far Cry 3 that you want to use. List of commands:

  • GodMode 1 is a complete invulnerability, or “god mode”, so beloved by most gamers;
  • UnlimitedAmmo 1 – an inexhaustible supply of cartridges;
  • SkipIntroMovies 1 – skip videos. IgnorePlayer 1 – ignored by opponents.

At the same time, if you want to activate several cheats, write each of them separated by commas.

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