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Susanna Heller

The Olga Korper Gallery presents an extraordinary series of new paintings by Brooklyn-based contemporary artist, Susanna Heller. The exhibition opens Saturday, February 10th and remains on view until Saturday March 17th. The opening takes place from 2-5pm, and the artist will be in attendance.


In this exhibition, Susanna further explores the landscape of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and her view of the harbour. In this series, she has focused on the depth and intensity of the cityscape and skyscape, augmenting her paintings with a collage element characteristic of her expressive style. Strips of paper, fabric, plastic, textile, and thick chunks of paint are applied with dynamic effect.


Never working from photographs, Susanna explores the city landscape on foot with her sketchbook documenting her favourite perspectives of the city. Amassed in the studio these sketched vistas assemble and merge into unique portraits of the great urban mass that dominates the skyline of manhattan.


Fresh to Susanna’s work are the colours, moving deeper into the psychological landscape with multi-coloured rain and lightning, purple storms, and magical flying eyes surveying the city. These artworks are emotionally charged, engaging the landscape from a new and almost dream-like perspective. Susanna invites the viewer into the narrative of her work, the details of each canvas even more expressive and tactile up close as they are from a distance. Each work requires dual exploration – from afar, the city lights vibrate in miniature below an enormous and swirling sky. Up close, the eye journeys through channels created by Susanna’s fingers as they dig into the surface of the paint and draw pathways through colour and light.

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