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For December we have curated a hockey-themed exhibition featuring the following artists: Bob Bozak, Paul Butler, Greg Curnoe, Fred Chartrand, Scott Conarroe, Peter Doig Mauro Fiorese, Simon Hughes, Larry Humber, Anthony Jenkins, Brian McFarlane, Jason McLean, Janet Morton, Graeme Patterson, Liz Pead, Roch Smith, Robyn Thomas, Diana Thorneycroft and The Turofsky Brothers.

I have wanted to curate a hockey show for some time. It could be argued that hockey is the glue that holds Canada together. Hockey Night in Canada is such an institution coast to coast and has impacted multiple generations of families, small towns and cities. Londoners are either Red Wing or Toronto Maple fans, which makes us unique.

Connecting original art with such a beloved sport is perhaps an art in itself. I took to skiing more than hockey, so I never considered myself a “hockey guy”. Maybe this qualifies me to be objective and to have an open mind to what is “hockey art”. I have curated this exhibition by connecting to the world of artists who are interested in images of hockey. Most also play hockey.

In 2008 the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia launched a major touring exhibition called “ARENA – The Art of Playing Hockey”. This exhibition included works by over 60 Canadian artists. Our exhibition features works by 18 artists. Many, but not all, are in both exhibitions.

Our hockey show is very much the clash of kitch to contemporary art. Included will be historic black and white photos of goalie Terry Sawchuk, landscapes made with hockey equipment, altered hockey cards, painted hockey memorabilia, amateur frozen pond hockey paintings and a hockey print by Peter Doig.

Through Larry Humber and Anthony Jenkins, I was able to connect with Brian McFarlane, a legendary CBC hockey broadcaster. Now retired, Brian has taken to painting naive pond hockey landscapes. We have included his paintings as well as Peter Doig’s classic print, “Subban and Nolan”. A former neighbour of McFarlane’s in Grafton, ON, Doig and McFarlane skated together at the local hockey arena and remain friends. If you are a collector, you will understand the wide gap in the art world of the above two artists. What connects them though, is hockey, just like our great country.

Michael Gibson

Thanks to Stephen Bulger Gallery and Paul Petro Contemporary Art

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