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The Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1966. ADAC maintains a high standard of connoisseurship and adherence to ethical practice within the profession. Dealers are selected for their knowledge and scholarship in their respective fields of expertise.

The ADAC's goal is to promote and support the visual arts and Canadian Art Market through advocacy and public outreach, undertaking vital programming and professional development initiatives aimed at building a national and international profile for Canadian commercial galleries.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Summer Focus: Virginia Mak


Absence of Colour


STEVEN RHUDE Roxanne Rowing off Canso during WW2, 2017, Oil on canvas, Image 52 x 32 inches, 132 x 81 cm

Celebrating Canada

The Still Life Show


Annie Baillargeon : Cosmologie des chambres

11:00 am

Larry Towell: Union Station

10:00 am

Time to Play

ADAC Events

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