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2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Doug MacLean

In September, we began highlighting past recipients of the ADAC’s Lifetime Achievement Award to share the histories, legacies, and contributions made by leaders in Canadian art.

This month, we are excited to feature the 2016 recipient, Doug MacLean.

Doug is the Owner and Director of the Canadian Art Gallery and is a Canadian art dealer with over 40 years of experience. Doug has a strong interest in mountain art history and art of the Canadian Rockies; He has a keen understanding of Canadian art, historical artists, and is up to date with Canadian contemporary art. As a result, Doug is an ongoing supporter of art galleries across the country who represent and advocate for Canadian art.

Doug studied Art Education at the University of Minnesota in 1968 and Ontario College of Art in 1970. From 1975-1982 Doug worked in notable galleries, including Mira Godard Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, and Walter Moos Gallery. In 1983, Doug bought into Canadian Art Galleries with his partner, Peter Thielsen, until 1992 when Doug purchased the gallery outright. In 1999, the gallery closed its Calgary location permanently and reopened in Canmore as a private art dealer now known as Canadian Art Gallery.

Doug’s skills in surveying art markets in Canada, the U.S.A., and around the world, paired with his appreciation for undervalued art and forgotten artists, forms the basis of his unique services. He has worked with every major corporate art collection in Calgary, along with several more across the country.

For almost 20 years, Doug served as a board member for the ADAC, formerly the PADAC (the Professional Art Dealers Association of Canada). He has volunteered throughout the Canadian Rockies as a “custodian of huts” with the Alpine Club of Canada. When not pursuing business from his home office or traveling professionally, Doug enjoys backcountry skiing, hiking, and world travel. Doug has a profound supportive presence in the Calgary art scene; you can spot him at local exhibitions and events attending with his wife, independent writer, and curator, Mary-Beth Laviolette.

Photo credit: This painting by historical Canadian painter Maxwell Bates was acquired by Doug and reflects his ongoing interest in collecting important local artists from Western Canada. This work is now part of the gallery inventory.

Maxwell Bates, Annunciation, 1961, Oil on Canvas, 16”x12”

Maxwell Bates

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