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In 1986, the ADAC established its Foundation, registered charity empowered to receive donations for the purpose of supporting the visual arts and giving back to the community.

At this time the Art Dealers Association of Canada Foundation introduced a scholarship, intended to award an emerging artist in their final year of study at an institution chosen annually by the Board of Directors. Recently, the ADAC Foundation Board has worked to revitalize and grow the Foundation, renewing the by-laws and reviewing its mandate and vision. It has also looked carefully at past programs and considered how they can have a greater impact on the visual arts.


The newly created Avrom Isaacs Award is a testament to the legacy of an unwavering champion of the visual arts. Av discovered and supported the career of many of Canada’s best- known artists, such as Michael Snow and William Kurelek, and helped bring Inuit art to the forefront as a contemporary art in its own right. In honour of Av Isaacs and his contribution, this award will be presented to a mid-career artist who shows great talent and promise, as a means to recognize their achievements and support their continued practice.

Please contribute generously to the establishment of this award. 

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