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Over 30 Years of Quality ADAC Valuations

For more than 30 years, the quality of ADAC valuations has made us the evaluating body of choice for many of Canada’s top institutions and collectors.

The ADAC offers professional, arm’s length appraisals of Canadian Cultural Property and in-kind gifts to cultural institutions and public art collections. For members of the public who require an appraisal for tax, insurance and estate purposes, the ADAC will be happy to refer you to an expert in the field.

Why Use ADAC Appraisal Service?

Comprehensive, arm’s length appraisals

The ADAC offers a comprehensive service coordinating the entire appraisal process while maintaining arm’s length between appraiser and donor.

Art Market Experts

As the largest national representation of art dealers in Canada, we have the resources to obtain a fair market value that is both well researched and well substantiated.

The ADAC Appraisal Committee

All ADAC appraisals are reviewed by the Appraisal Committee, a body of senior ADAC members who are experts in their fields.

Qualified Staff

ADAC staff are up to date on the most current Cultural Property and USPAP requirements and appraisal methodology.

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