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ADAC Ask Us Anything Question and Answer Series

Curious about the ADAC, our advocacy work, membership, galleries, and more?

On March 8th-10th, 2021, we held our first Q+A Series, where we invited the public to ask us anything on our social media accounts. Below we have compiled answers to your thoughtful questions!

Q+A ADAC History

  • Q: “Who started the ADAC and why?”
    The association was established to provide a professional platform that would set ethical standards for operating galleries, lobby the government on issues affecting the visual arts, and consider the problems of fake, forged, and misrepresented art sold in member galleries. The founding dealers were: Dolores Booth, Mira Godard, Avrom Isaacs, Walter Moos, and John Robertson.
  • Q: “When was ADAC founded?” 
  • Q: “How many Committees does ADAC have? “
    We have five committees: Advocacy, Appraisals, Communications, Ethics, and Memberships.

Q+A Appraisals

  • Q: “Does ADAC facilitate appraisals for individuals?”
     ADAC facilitates appraisals only for artwork being donated to public institutions as Cultural Property or a Gift-in-Kind (CRA). If you are interested in getting a private appraisal, please reach out to us and we will try to direct you to one of our members!

Q+A ADAC Members

  • Q: “How can I find out if a gallery is an ADAC member?”
    You can check out our website for a complete list of ADAC members. Also, look out for the ADAC logo often found in the footer area or contact page on our member’s websites.

Q+A Artists

  • Q: “I am an emerging artist who has been preparing a body of work and is ready now for representation. I am having difficulty finding a gallery that fits my work in my area. Is there a resource or place where I can show my work to potential curators? Thanks :).”

    A: You might want to consider putting together a portfolio of your work and a CV of your exhibition history. Galleries will generally state on their website if they accept artist submissions and proposals. I would recommend contacting these galleries and submit your portfolio and CV for them to review. We also recommend networking with other artists and artist-run-centers in your area.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions to our first Q+A Series! If you have additional inquires, please reach out on our contact page.

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