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A Few of My Favourite Things

“A Few of My Favourite Things” : An exhibition celebrating Michael Gibson Gallery’s 35 years in The Art Business

November 5 – 23, 2019


I was 26 years old in 1984 when I started handling art.  My high end market at that time was Andy Warhol signed/numbered prints that I was getting through Nick Rukaj in Toronto.  Nick and I are still friends and sometimes we laugh about the ‘old’ days.  I believe the Warhol’s were selling for $1200 each, which seemed like a million dollars to me at the time. Andy died unexpectedly in February 1987, which was my first lesson in collecting art: buy quality and keep it.

This exhibition is a small overview of my personal collection.  Every piece always has a story that goes with it.  I acquired the work through trades, outright purchase, or gifts from artists.  I am the current caretaker, but I will not be forever, as I have learned.

Collecting is both a passion and a learning experience.  One has to step up and trust your instincts once in a while.  Most of my purchases are very personal, but also are based on my emotional connection with each particular artwork.

None of my collection was purchased during active exhibitions, as I feel strongly that collectors should have the first chance to own important artworks.

This exhibition was curated with thoughts of the figure vs. the landscape with a tonal emphasis.  I have selected artworks by: Graham Coughtry, Greg Curnoe, Roly Fenwick, Betty Goodwin, Harold Klunder, Wanda Koop, Robert Markle, Michael Snow and Takao Tanabe

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