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A Natural Progression

Newzones is pleased to announce A Natural Progression, a solo exhibition by Peter Hoffer.

The artist, on his work:

“The passing of time has always been an integral aspect of Landscape painting through-out history. Many Artist’s represented the Landscape and it’s reference to ‘seasons’ as an allegory for change. In my landscapes, I have considered the layering of surfaces and repeated applications of varnish as a way of exaggerating those qualities. Many of my earlier artworks used thick damar varnishes and tinted resins that would change over time, creating an evolving artwork that would alter beyond the Studio.

As for my Fashion works; These were conceived in 2016, while I was in Berlin. I was curious about the street advertisements that were primarily made up of large posters and were layered over time. Through-out the City and around my Studio, ads for events were posted on almost a daily basis. It was Urban ritualism. It also exposed me to another approach to elements found within the Landscape itself. I was especially drawn to the promotions regarding fashion events. The necessity for designs to be introduced as a ‘seasonal collection’ paralleled nicely with the concept of constant change. It was exceptionally compelling when unrelated gestures of graffiti and updated ads would interfere, creating an ongoing competition for exposure.

In many cases, I have removed these clusters of posters and ads from in and around my area of Tiergarten and positioned them next to my renderings of Haute Couture images. I would also make reference to historic ephemera from vintage periodicals. As a result, I want to create a conflict between gestures rendered detailed and those indiscriminate.”

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