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Abstraction to the Power of Four

In conjunction with Art Toronto ‘s 2020, virtual/live International Art Fair, VIVIANEART is proud to present “Abstraction to the Power of Four”, a group exhibition of works by four Canadian artists, each with their own distinct approach to Abstract painting: Serena Beaulieu, Sarah Nordean, Shawn Evans and Scott Everingham.

Hailing from Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto their works reflect the deep variations within the genre of abstract painting. From the formal, minimalist, architectural works of Beaulieu, to the obsessive, repetitive, mark making of Nordean, to the layered translucent collage informed imagery of Evans, to the expressive and richly coloured narrative works of Everingham, they collectively explore the visual language of abstraction.


VivianeArt is more than a gallery. It’s a gathering place, where artists and art lovers can come together to share their passion for great work. We are champions for the careers of artists who challenge the boundaries of art, the way it’s made and the way it’s shown.  Representing a diverse roster of emerging and established Canadian and International artists, founder Viviane Mehr and her team believe in the power of art and its ability to inspire, invigorate and transform.

To help fulfill our vision of becoming a space for all things art, VivianeArt has brought together a knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts who amongst themselves have earned degrees from The Alberta University of the Arts, Concordia University, The University of Calgary, The University of Alberta and The University of Toronto.

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