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Andre Petterson: “Brand”

Opening reception: Saturday, May 5, 2018; 2-5PM

Artist talk at 3PM
(Prophecy Wine presentation at the opening reception)

“Advertising logos pepper tapestries of billboards, street signage and bus banners across urban landscapes in cities and rural villages all over the world.

 Branding, an essential tool for marketing and identity construction in late capitalism, serves as a mode of communication rife with meaning about access, possession, and consumption. In Brand, Vancouver-based artist Andre Petterson explores themes of globalization and cultural homogenization through the dissemination of visual ephemera in the marketing campaigns of large western corporations such as Disney, Coca-Cola, and the Louis Vuitton Group.

Best known for his work blending painting and photography, Petterson exposes the breakdown of traditional distinctions between high and low, real and fake, old and new, urban and rural. Brand destabilizes the significance of recognizable cultural signifiers as they are re-contextualized and re-configured in different contexts; sometimes reinforcing wealth and status, other times receding to obscurity to the point of ironic absurdity.”   –  Raissa Alvero  2017

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