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Barbara Amos: Artist Talk

Calgary based artist Barbara Amos will open her solo exhibition ‘Surface Tension’ with a talk at Abbozzo Gallery this Saturday January 20.

Balance is at the intersection of this focus on land, advocacy and change that explores a shifting view of our world. Curiosity is Barbara’s motivator and she has explored this imagery through digital paintings on metal, temporal drawings on the land documented through photography, and paintings on canvas.  She enjoys collaboration, community engagement and has completed 4 public art commissions.

The exhibition will comprise paintings, works on metal and 6 photographs from The Red Alert Project.


RED ALERT began in 2012 as an art project when a small community became concerned about resource extraction and how it was affecting a watershed, and to focus attention on the Castle River north of Waterton National Park in Southern Alberta. The scope of the project has opened to support engagement in water issues along the Eastern Slopes. This area is the Crown of the Continent, designated as a Special Place by the Alberta Government. These are the headwaters. They travel thousands of miles to Hudson Bay, the Arctic Ocean and down to the Gulf of Mexico. The project hopes to raise curiosity about these headwaters, what they mean to us daily and in the future.


Red survey tape, which marks the boundaries of a forest that will be cut, became Barbara’s drawing tool. She makes drawings with nature, rather than of nature.

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