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Barry McCarthy

Barry McCarthy
October 21 – November 4
In Toronto

Loch Gallery has the pleasure to announce an exhibition of exceptional new oil & watercolour paintings by Barry McCarthy. Renowned for his picturesque images of the rural landscapes of Southern Ontario and coastal seascapes of the Maritimes, Barry responded to a need to see more and in preparation for his eagerly anticipated fall exhibition embarked upon an intrepid motorcycle adventure through Western Canada in search of new inspiration. Starting in Calgary, McCarthy set out on a journey through the Rocky Mountains, Crow’s Nest Pass and Jasper Park making his way to Vancouver, Victoria and ending in Tofino. Prepared with his camera in hand and saddle bags bursting with brushes, paints and paper, Barry set out to capture the rugged wilderness of the rocky mountains and the luscious greenery of the coastal rainforest.

Favouring the watercolour medium above all, Barry creates luminous images through his balanced palette, his thoughtful compositions and technical brushstrokes. Barry’s images come to life as he applies layer upon layer of translucent colour, harmoniously balanced and built up over time while employing the challenging dry brush technique. His unique techniques produce images that evoke a quiet awe, allowing the viewer to feel immersed in the grandeur of the landscape.

In his most recent exhibition McCarthy celebrates the Canadian landscape, capturing the natural beauty from coast to coast. From the jagged coastlines of Nova Scotia, through the rolling pastoral fields of Southern Ontario, over the vast mountain landscapes of the west to the forested shores of the Pacific.

Barry McCarthy will be present in the gallery Saturday, October 28th from 2-4pm.

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