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Danish Golden Era


Turbulent times in history lead to volatile artistic achievements. In the early 19th Century, Copenhagen was almost annihilated by British troops, which brought upon an extremely influential art movement across the country. The subsequent restoration imbued not only architectural but also the cultural consciousness and led to the Golden Age of painting. During that era, artists created a unified artistic identity by capturing the Nordic landscapes. The unique style focused on the tonal mastery of capturing natural scenery and this influenced the direction of Danish painting for centuries to come. This exhibition showcases the works of Danish artists in the late 19th century and early 20th including works by Peder Monsted, Carl Frederic Aagaard, Frederik Winther, Godfred Christensen and others. Showing alongside this exhibition is a rotating selection of museum-quality paintings, objets d’art, and antiques from Europe and North America.

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Photo: Autumn Meadow Landscape With Cattle At A Water Hole, Carl Frederic Aagaard #19264

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