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Destination: The Poetic North

The 19th and early 20th century was the golden age of landscape painting. The Romantic era characterized the natural world into three categories: the Pastoral, the Picturesque, and the Sublime. The Pastoral and Picturesque refer to “inhabited” landscapes: placid scenes of well-tended farms that represent a reassuring view of human control of nature. The Sublime is a humbling reminder that humanity is not all-powerful. Artists across the vast nation of Canada created a National identity based on the overwhelming influence of the natural surroundings; they expressed a mixture of the three aesthetic concepts through their authentic experiences. During this time, Canadian artists passionately reflected these beautiful themes throughout each diverse region of the country, thus creating a distinct and poetic identity to present to the rest of the world. This exhibition includes works by Thomas Harold Beament, John Hammond, F.M. Bell-Smith, Eric Riordon, Belmore Browne and Thomas Mower Martin. Showing alongside this exhibition are a rotating selection of museum quality paintings, objets d’art, and antiques from Europe and North America.

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Eric Riordon (Canadian 1906-1948)

February Sunshine, Morin Heights, Que.

oil on canvas board, signed lower left “Eric Riordon”

Size in inches: 12 h x 16 w

Reference: 18837


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