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Ducote & Nardelli: “SENTIENCE”

Opening reception: Saturday, May 26; 2-5PM

Artist talk at 3PM

‘Abstraction is a language that relies upon sensory impressions over written narratives. Abstract works create a unique internal dialogue with viewers through feeling, perceiving and experiencing the works subjectively. Through this external stimulus and internal reflection, ‘Sentience’, an exhibition featuring works by Camrose Ducote and Linda

Nardelli, invites you to consider and experience art through the five groups that compose a sentient being; matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness. Just like the works by Ducote and Nardelli, with their hidden and exposed elements that are produced out of an exploration of the abstract and the organic, ‘Sentience’ is about being more than a just physical form; it’s about embodying spirit.’  -written by Elizabeth Carr

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