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 Opening reception: Saturday, July 15, 2-4pm
 Exhibition dates: July 15 – August 19, 2017.
Gallery Jones presents Flat-ish, an exhibition of new works by Erin O’Keefe, Fei Disbrow, and Vishal Marapon in conjunction with the Fifth Annual Flats Block Party.
Three artists meet at an intersection in Flat-ish, where dimension, perception, and distinctions between media are called into question. In fact, it is the value of making distinctions that is under scrutiny in this exhibition as each artist prioritizes aesthetics and the essentials of colour and composition over the intrinsic qualities of the medium, whether it be a painted surface, photographic image, sculpture or collage.
New York- and New Brunswick-based artist Erin O’Keefe exposes the transformative effects of photography in her work, where small table-top constructions of mixed materials (using everything from tinted plexiglass to painted sticks and paper) are redefined in two-dimensions through photography. Informed by O’Keefe’s training as an architect, these images distort perceptions of real and imagined space in playful and profound ways.
New works by Vancouver-based artists Fei Disbrow and Vishal Marapon similarly push boundaries between mediums: photographs capture the depth, texture and colour of Disbrow’s mixed paper collages and Marapon’s bright urban landscapes while simultaneously flattening space.

We enter an age where the vast potentiality of contemporary photography is being continuously provoked, stretched, and rethought. In Flat-ish, three distinct artistic voices converge at the level of the photograph, where figure, shape and colour exist with equal emphasis.

Featured image: Vishal Marapon, Vermont Street, 24 x 19 inches, lightjet print, edition of 12

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