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Ghost Lights (feu-follet)

With this exhibition Galerie Simon Blais presents brand new paintings by Marc Séguin, a series of a dozen oil-on-canvas works entitled Ghost Lights (feu-follet), all executed in 2019 and continuing in the vein of his previous “landscapes.” As early as 2004, when he abandoned a more anthropomorphic form of representation, the burnt forest was the subject of his first series exploring the genre. Fifteen years later, he uses charcoal to draw the vestiges of a scorched natural world that is like a ruined cathedral. The extreme precision of the setting contrasts with the floating, foregrounded forms, reduced to mere outlines.

Landscape is an important aspect of Canadian painting, even an intrinsic constituent of it. Trusting his instinct, Marc Séguin has fun bending the rules governing the depiction of such often-idealized places. In 2006, in the series Black Box, he placed himself at odds with the tenets of the genre by showing aircraft wreckage under the name Landscape. In paintings of his from 2013, in contrast with the expected bucolic scenes, Brooklyn alleyways become desolate urban panoramas. Following the endless horizons of his 2017 series blanc, with this fifth “landscape” instalment, which he has entitled Ghost Lights (feu-follet), Séguin continues his explorations.

Galerie Simon Blais

Galerie Simon Blais was founded in 1989 and initially specialized in works on paper and contemporary abstract prints. Today, the gallery represents both emerging and established artists working in diverse media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, prints and photography. Historical paintings and sculptures are also a special interest for us, with a focus on leading Québec and Canadian artists such as Riopelle, Ferron, Letendre, McEwen and Daudelin, which are regularly presented in the context of exhibitions. A dynamic space, the gallery is known both within Canada and abroad through its participation in various contemporary art events around the world.

Pictured: View of A Very Personal Journey, Jean-Paul Jérôme, running Feb 1 – March 14, 2020. Credit: Guy L’Heureux

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