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The 6th edition of our annual invitational exhibition, HAND PIC’D, continues a precedent of celebrating emerging artists and recent graduates within the local Calgary arts community.  Presenting works by Alyssa Ellis, Adriane Vant Erve and Jessie Fraser, HAND PIC’D 2019 features three women who are using fibre as a key element in their visual art practice. While voicing their own unique narratives, each creates tactile pieces with references to the domestic.

Since completing her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the Alberta University of the Arts, Alyssa Ellis has embarked on a constant ongoing, revolving and dissolving love affair with botanical life forms. Alyssa and her plant collaborators work together, play together and by all means narrate together in order to further develop their complicated relationship. While multidisciplinary in nature, the experimental research of their stories fluctuates between textiles, drawing, performance and installation. She currently participates yearly as an exhibition leader of the Ayatana Germinate residency in Ottawa, Ontario.

The silk-screened prints and stitched silk sculptures of artist Adriane Vant Erve are skillfully rendered explorations of texture and transparency. Her ghostly organic forms are eerie reminders of our own fragility and imperfections. Adriane recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the Alberta University of the Arts. She adds this accomplishment to her previously completed Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. She also spent time living in Sydney, Australia, and attended the sculpture program at the University of Sydney.

Jessie Fraser is a weaver; she weaves not only with thread but historic narratives and atmospheric feeling. Her practice is informed by poetry, collected photography, overlooked techniques and aims to create felt experiences. Using time as both a process and a material, Jessie’s practice utilizes both weaving and jacquard assisted weaving to construct narratives based on concepts of past and present, in an attempt to hold on to, recreate or lay to rest physical and emotional memories. She recently completed a Master of Fine Art degree from the Alberta University of the Arts.


VivianeArt is more than a gallery. It’s a gathering place, where artists and art lovers can come together to share their passion for great work. We are champions for the careers of artists who challenge the boundaries of art, the way it’s made and the way it’s shown.  Representing a diverse roster of emerging and established Canadian and International artists, founder Viviane Mehr and her team believe in the power of art and its ability to inspire, invigorate and transform.

To help fulfill our vision of becoming a space for all things art, VivianeArt has brought together a knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts who amongst themselves have earned degrees from The Alberta University of the Arts, Concordia University, The University of Calgary, The University of Alberta and The University of Toronto.

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