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Impressionist Cityscapes

During the industrial revolution, artists strayed from natural subject matters and traditional techniques with a higher interest to the aesthetics of structures and city life. It was due to the shift of interest, that the movement of impressionism was introduced, where bold colours and pronounced brushstrokes brought a new view of admiration not only for works of art but for artists as individuals. With every brushstroke, viewers are able to observe the hand of the artist physically pronouncing itself in each movement and detail in a work of art. Within the upcoming exhibition at the Uno Langmann Gallery, we will be featuring artists who created cityscape scenes, worked within the movement of impressionism by Frederic M. Bell-Smith, Edward A. Goodall, Alexander Jamieson, Carl M. Soya-Jensen, John A. Hammond, and Vilhem Arnesen.

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Photo: The Embankment, London by Frederic M. Bell-Smith #18564

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