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Canada House Gallery is proud to present the striking watercolours of Jennifer Annesley. This award- winning artist has international recognition for her masterful compositions. Light and dramatic beauty are captured in Annesley’s paintings of the Rocky Mountains, European architecture or quiet still-life scenes.

Artist statement: “Wildlight is my artistic view of how light changes our perception and experience of landscape and architecture. This “Wildlight” is a collection of new landscape and architectural paintings exploring the effects of light experienced in and around the wilds of western Canada.

Light sculpts the landscape with shadow, gradation and highlight; it paints surfaces with unexpected colour, softens edges and sharpens lines. It can transform a cold winter’s day to golden warmth, or illuminate hidden detail in dark interiors, forests or river beds.

Light can change the unremarkable into the unforgettable.”  Artist reception, Saturday, April 14, 2 – 5 pm.

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