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Love Songs: A Journal of Fateful Encounters

On display at Gallery 78 is an exhibition of new works to ease you into autumn. Love Songs: A Journal of Fateful Encounters by Alan Grabelsky features glimpses into what he calls “the sweet spot between intention and accident.” His original serigraph prints are thoughtful visual representations of reciprocity and connection.

“Each of these prints is my attempt to capture and make manifest a particular moment in time. They represent an experience that included a visual component, but more importantly, a feeling component, that struck a chord deep within me. My formal art training was in film at the California Institute of the Arts where I received a Master of Fine Arts. The language of film is familiar to me. Without a formal visual art education and its own particular language, I have struggled to find the words to explain how these prints were made. Metaphor and analogy have come to my rescue. Thus, Love Songs: A Journal of Fateful Encounters. (…) Just as the key image and its gray nest are in a dynamic relationship with each other, the silver frame itself is never static. It is in almost constant motion depending on how the light is falling on it. Once these three layers are combined, they sing to me of the encounter that inspired them. A beautiful song I never get tired of.” -Alan Grabelsky, 2021

These works are on display until Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021, and always viewable online.

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