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Marisa Albanese – Apparent horizon

Marisa Albanese

Apparent horizon

30 March 2019


Marisa Albanese was born in Naples Italy. After graduating from the Liceo Artistico Palizzi in Naples, and then from the painting program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and later convocated from the Modern Literature program at the “Federico II” University of Naples. Her practice includes sculpture, drawing, painting and multimedia installation.


horizon: the line at the farthest place that you can see, where the sky seems to touch the land or sea.




This entire body of work begins with and is inspired by the line.


The horizon line, which links two elements – the earth and the sky – elements that will never unite.

The horizon line is the utopia to which every artist tends.

The manifold becoming of the lines of the horizon and their superposition can be compared to the continuous stratification of subjective glances, personal horizons on the reality that surrounds us. This phenomenon also occurs naturally in crystals, where there is an organic stratification of mineral elements.


The artist thus develops a reflection on the results of the composition of these lines that leads her to a minimal expressive synthesis where each work marks the approach to a different place and spiritual dimension.


The exhibition, therefore, will focus on the multiplication of the lines of apparent horizons, such as those of Blind drawings made with graphite or coal, or on the time that passes and is layered as in the overlapping of the sheets in the Paperlines.

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