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Mollis Curvae

Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Evelyne Brader-Frank, Mollis Curvae, celebrating 20 years of exhibiting with Newzones.

Of her new series, Brader-Frank states:

“Mollis Curvae (Soft Curves) and flowing shapes are the focus of my recent work. Whether sand dunes, meandering mountain roads or the silhouette of a beautiful woman: harmonious curves are at the base of all-natural beauty. How far can I abstract and simplify the human body, especially the woman’s body, without losing the flow? Inspired by human beauty and sensitivity, in unique symbiosis with nature, I try to create a harmonious combination of passion, flow and peaceful silence. My contemporary but at the same time classical sculptures invite the viewer to pause and enjoy.”

Born in Wettingen, Switzerland, into an artistically talented family, Evelyne Brader-Frank has been expressing herself through soapstone, bronze, and steel for over twenty years. Her dynamic male and female figures are celebrations of form and the beautiful stones from which they emerge. Fascinated with classical mythology, Brader-Frank titles her sculptures after personalities from Greek and Roman myths, looking for a match between a character and her feelings for the new sculpture.

Brader-Frank, an established Swiss sculptor, lived in Canada in the 1990s, where she expanded her work into larger formats like bronze and concrete, and had the opportunity to further develop her skills by working with prominent Canadian artists such as the world’s foremost ice carvers Michael Rapati and Larry Andreoff. Each of her sculptures showcase a striking play of light, colour and shadow.

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