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One of Canada’s preeminent abstract painters, has an exhibition opening this weekend at Gallery Jones –  Saturday, June 10th from 2 – 4 pm. Exhibition runs until July 8th.

At 82 years of age, Rogers has been painting for more than 60 years.  He grew up on the prairies of the Canadian west.  While attending Saskatoon Teachers College in the early 50’s, the encouragement of  Wynona Mulcaster who led him to look at the Cubists, Ben Nicholson, and Klee.  And as Otto states, “I fell into my world, which was Cubism”.  Mulcaster encouraged Rogers to continue his education at the University of Wisconsin where he received his Masters of Fine Arts in 1959.

While the vast land and sky of the prairies had an influence on his life and art, there were and continue to be a large set of influences that inform his mind and art and which inspire each artwork that he carves out from his studio practice:  the physical world, art history, formalist painting concerns as well as the inspiration provided from his own spiritual beliefs:

“I am at a loss after more than [60] years of making paintings, the sequence of steps that leads to a rational and inspired coalescence.  Order in a composition must emerge from a complex array of shapes, of special divisions, of textures, of colours, of material qualities of media, of rhythmic movements, of linear elements and fluctuations of light and dark – and this is only a partial list of what is involved.  When the enigmatic set of configurations drawn from the world of art and nature, as well as the previous work of the artist, is added to the maze, endless complications ensue. It would be reasonable to conclude that an outside intervention would be essential in all of this to orchestrate a coherent image.  Further, the impact of the images is heightened if the process of painting is approached as an act of reverence.”  – Otto 2014 /7

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