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Pat Service: “A Larger Silence”

Newzones is proud to announce A Larger Silence, a solo exhibition from Pat Service.

Pat Service approaches her landscapes with a unique perspective, utilizing the allusive yet potent imagery drawn from memory. Skillfully weaving through Fauvism, Post-Impressionism, and Impressionism, Service approaches her landscapes not through rendering a description, but through an unmatched understanding of expression. Service’s bold colours imply the effect and subtleties of light itself, while confident applications of paint play through the natural tensions and rhythms of place.

The autonomous places A Larger Silence dictates are perfectly balanced between ambiguous and specific. The subtle yet bold earthly colour palette softens the experience from past artworks. Service creates each structured narrative for the viewers’ memory to follow along, providing space for individualized attachment. Pat Service explores the relationship between physical and mental space, where memory and structure collide at the intersection of reality and imagination.

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