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Patty Maher’s: “The Sky as My Witness” Solo Exhibition

“The Sky as My Witness” is an exploration of space, identity, and the feminine figure in the context of the natural worlds. In each tableau the face of the subject is hidden or obscured, rendering them simultaneously “any” and “every” woman. Emotion and story are conveyed with minimal information: using only posture, gesture, symbol and colour to convey meaning. The viewer encounters these anonymous and private moments within the context of an open or public landscape. This juxtaposition creates a tension between intimacy and distance calling into question the notion of public vs. private spaces. Whether the subject is caught in a moment of grief, meditation or simple contemplation the viewer takes on a dual role as both voyeur and confidante to the undisclosed story of an anonymous figure. The landscape, rather than mere backdrop, takes on its own role as character in witness to the unfolding story. In some scenes it appears a refuge to a female figure laid bare, while in others it acts as a hostile or antagonist foil.

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