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Richard Jacobson: Pieces from a different Puzzle

Richard Jacobson’s latest exhibition ‘Pieces from a different Puzzle’ showcases his skill and creativity when it comes to combining hyper-realistic portraiture with his own personal experiences. Whether the work in question describes a bowl of bones, an old six-shooter, or a vintage batman PEZ-dispenser, Jacobson manages to maintain the balance between artifice, personality and subject matter that has shaped artists and their work since the renaissance era. ‘Pieces from a different Puzzle’ is truly a statement on Jacobson’s ability to capture reality through the use of his upbringing in Saskatchewan, as many of his pieces, such as ‘Learning to Walk’ (2017) and ‘The Hauler’ (2020), have an air of nostalgia about them, making them seem familiar and warm to anyone who happens to encounter his work. Jacobson imbues his works with a specific sense of longing, an almost tangible quality of his work, that all viewers can relate to.

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