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SAMANTHA WALROD | Crossroads and Corridors

Newzones is pleased to announce Crossroads and Corridors, a solo exhibition by Samantha Walrod.

Samantha Walrod, best known for multimedia artworks depicting Canadian wildlife and flora, presents Crossroads and Corridors, a solo exhibition at Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art. Walrod’s exploration uses numerous layers of paint, collage, photography, and inks embracing the tactile nature of her practice while incorporating images through collage and digital technology. Constructive elements from the collage and multimedia investigations are prominent through the edges of ripped paper, discrete tonal differences in photographs, and through the addition and layering of paint. Explorations into multimedia such as these act as filtered interpretations of the subject matter.

Crossroads and Corridors considers how humans view and interact with wildlife in the Canadian wilderness from a “close” distance. Motorists and hikers observe animals from cars and trails while the animals watch in return. In Crossroads and Corridors, bears, elk, and coyotes are depicted on the edge of the wilderness, adjacent to roads and thoroughfares, visible to humans before disappearing onto paths less accessible to human transportation. Walrod’s artwork represents a fleeting moment of human/animal interaction while observing the essential but shrinking distance between human/animal habitats.

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