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High realist painters Cathy Ross and Susan Paterson bring viewers on a magical journey through still lifes, where precision and detail converge with impeccable beauty and nostalgia. Arrangements of items from silverware to a collection of letters, are brought to life by the graceful touch of these artists. This exhibition will be on display until Saturday, November 23, and always on view online.

“In the picture fields between the filament of glass separating the art from our world, and the backgrounds, both artists have conjured imageries to make them appear fully formed, and of the same dimensions as their real-life models. (…) Paterson and Ross have given us windows into worlds in which objects are held in timeless suspensions. They appear to be real, true parts of our lived spaces, and yet they are untouchable by hand. They are meant to fool our eyes, yet provoke our imaginations by pointing to believability. These still lives are animated by magic and metaphysics.”

-Tom Smart, Director and CEO of Beaverbrook Art Gallery, 2019

“As an artist, I am interested in looking at objects closely and conveying my visual response to them. Something will capture my attention – a certain colour, the unique shape of a plant, or the charm of an everyday object. (…) My paintings are meant to be intimate. I want the viewer to pause and take in the subtle joy of the ordinary and the ephemeral beauty of the natural world.”

-Cathy Ross, 2019

“My work evokes the past, both in technique and in subject. I do highly detailed studies of landscape, florals and everyday objects, capturing the subtleties of the light, colour and textures that are so fascinating but so often overlooked. (…) I get great pleasure from slowing down, spending hours intently observing and trying to capture the incredible beauty that surrounds us.”

-Susan Paterson, 2019


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