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The Art of Drawing

Historically, drawings served as the structural foundations for future works, from large sculptures to oil paintings. But drawings can be more than just a “first step.” While artists may still rely on a preliminary drawing for more complete works, drawings can also be a fully developed exploration of a subject.

In this exhibition, we invite you to explore new works by Jessie Babin, Melissa Kennedy, Ann Manuel, Daniel Porter, Stephen May, Stephen Scott, and Stephanie Weirathmueller.

“There is simplicity in drawings. A drawing is art pared down, stripped of jargon, reduced to honesty. A drawing is a record of thought, an unassuming, intimate murmur of an observation. Drawings are art speaking plainly.”

-Leopold Kowolik, editor in chief of Studio Magazine

The Art of Drawing is on display from April 16 – May 8, 2021. View it online here.

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