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You Never Know by Steven Rhude

An eclectic artist with a creative vision that goes beyond a typical painter’s singular definition of genre, Steven Rhude shares his view of the world in You Never Know, and shows how objects that appear common, even random at a surface level—a beaver on a road, a pool table, lighthouses, a goose, and buoys—are in fact more than they seem, bound together by his imagination and quintessential style.

Artist Statement:

“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and [ordinariness, everydayness]. (One is unable to notice something —because it is always before one’s eyes.)” [§129] Wittgenstein, Investigations.

I’m not at all loyal to one form of genre painting. Some artists define themselves as Landscape painters, Still-life painters, Seascape painters… to be labeled in that way doesn’t work for me. A landscape painter may not consider making a painting of a pool table, and a seascape painter may not wish to paint a nude. It’s common to be interested in a person, place, or thing. Yet, if I study an object long enough, I can see a landscape in a person’s body, or the figurative in a wooden fishing buoy. The ordinary object should start as something alien to us and slowly creeps into our psyche. Then, after a while, what’s important is the spirit of the object. What’s in front of our eyes is not enough. One needs to go further. That’s the “you never know” moment.

– Steven Rhude, 2019


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