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Benefits of Belonging to the ADAC


The ADAC is Canada’s oldest and most prestigious professional organization of art dealers and commercial galleries. The ADAC was founded in 1966 by a group of dealers committed to setting a standard of professionalism based on respect for one another, their artists and the broader arts community. ADAC members are part of a well established and respected community made up of some of the brightest and most reputable art professionals in the country. The ADAC has become a recognized leader on advocacy pertaining to the visual arts market in Canada and endeavours to represent all members and their artists on the national stage.


As a part of the ADAC community, members can connect and engage with other dealers and art world professionals through ADAC networking events, professional development programming and local initiatives.

Member Driven

ADAC is driven by its members, who lead the Association forward. Members are encouraged to join committees, which help to govern areas like marketing initiatives, the Appraisal Service, ethics, advocacy, and membership. The Board of Directors and staff are constantly striving to understand and meet the changing needs of its membership.


The ADAC both monitors and is actively involved in advocacy surrounding the visual arts. As part of this initiative, we maintain a continuing dialogue with government agencies at federal, provincial and municipal levels. The ADAC is an institutional member of the Canadian Museum Association and the Ontario Association of Art Galleries and sits on the board of the Visual Art Alliance and the Cultural Human Resources Council. Through these memberships, the ADAC maintains an active voice on issues concerning members and the art market.

Member Discounts

ADAC Discount Benefits are an added bonus of membership. Members enjoy discounts with a variety of businesses and services. These benefits include discounts on insurance, shipping and air travel. We are always looking for new opportunities and partnerships that reflect the needs of our membership.

Membership Requirements and Procedure

The membership process for the ADAC is elective. A preliminary review of dealers of reputation and standing in the community is initially done by the Membership Committee. Should they determine that the dealer fulfills the requirements, the Committee will invite them to submit a full application, and recommend the applicant for membership to the Board of Directors. The final determination of acceptance to the ADAC is made by a vote by the Board of Directors.

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The ADAC has two main membership categories: General Members (voting) and Associate Members (non-voting).

Minimum Requirements for all members:

  • Runs an ethical business practice in accordance with the ADAC's Code of Ethics
  • Demonstrates a primary concern for the promotion of art and artists of merit
  • Good financial standing
  • References from 3 ADAC Members in good standing


  • In business for a minimum of 5 years
  • Runs a permanent exhibition gallery open to the public

GENERAL MEMBERS: Private Dealers

  • In business for a minimum of 6 years
  • Can demonstrate a commitment to the cultural life of the community through relationships with museums, scholarly institutions and collectors
  • Owns a substantial inventory of artwork

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Associate Gallery

  • In business between 18 months and 5 years
  • Runs a permanent exhibition gallery open to the public


  • Associated with, and sponsored by the parent Gallery Member
  • Runs a permanent exhibition gallery open to the public

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