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Spring 2021 Newsletter: Committee Updates

Communications Committee Updates:

(Chair, Deborah Herringer Kiss, Craig Klinkhoff, Joseph Rumi, Shyla Wolf, Kendra Popelas, Emma Roberts)

Proud Members of the Art Dealers Association of Canada

Your gallery was selected and approved for membership to the ADAC because of your upstanding reputation amongst your peers and for your expertise in your field. During these difficult times and while many galleries are transitioning to online sales platforms, trust is a huge commodity.

Remind your clients that you are a trusted ADAC gallery member by including the ADAC TRUST THE EXPERTS logo on your website, emails and publications. Please contact Emma at to have the file emailed to you.

Appraisals Committee Update

(Appraisal Committee: Kendra Popelas, Appraisals Manager, Jeanette Langmann, Co-Chair, Lynne Wynick, Co-Chair, Phillip Gevik, Paul Kuhn, Doug MacLean, Shaun Mayberry, Paul Wildridge) 

The Appraisal Committee is one of ADAC’s most active committees, as it enables our association to facilitate professional, arm’s length appraisals of Canadian Cultural Property and in-kind gifts to cultural institutions and public art collections. The Appraisal Committee is made up of senior ADAC members who are experts in their fields. The Committee members review each appraisal project the ADAC takes on and holds regular committee meetings to stay up-to-date with appraisal standards and process improvements.

We are half-way through the year and the Committee has completed 19 appraisals of 380 works. In 2021, the ADAC welcomed new clients from Trent University, Manitoba Museum and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. 

This month, the Appraisal Committee recognizes long-term member, Phillip Gevik, Gallery Gevik, Toronto. Phillip has grown and developed the Appraisal Committee over the years, while serving as an ADAC Board Director until 2019. Phillip’s expertise has helped guide and strengthen the Committee and the ADAC as a whole. On behalf of the Appraisal Committee and all members of ADAC, thank you Phillip! 

Gallery Gevik, Toronto
Advocacy Updates:

While our advocacy efforts were successful over the last year, as we move into the post-pandemic era we will need to be vigilant in responding to the increasing number of threats and risks facing our industry.

The Government of Canada has recently launched a “Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Online Intermediaries”, which could have implications art dealers in Canada.  Additionally, recent anti-money laundering (AML) actions in the U.K. and U.S. have targeted the art market and could serve as the inspiration for similar regulations in Canada.  Artist Resale Royalties (ARR) are also expected to pose a continued threat to our art market.  Our Association is committed to engaging with these and other issues in the interests of our members, wherever appropriate. The participation of our members today will be important in securing the near and long-term future of our businesses and our industry. If you have specific questions about advocacy or other issues, The ADAC board is open to explaining and giving details on any subject in question.  We strongly encourage everyone to get involved! Contact Emma Roberts at the ADAC office with any comments/concerns.

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