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New Work by Samantha Walrod

Newzones is pleased to announce New Work by Samantha Walrod.

Drawing from her experiences throughout urban and rural Alberta, Walrod creates collages that are not faithful reproductions but instead imagined or reconstructed figures. Documented imagery from walks along Alberta’s Edmonton River Valley are collaged with floral patterns found on Worcester china, or animals and flowers from various sources are layered together to recreate travels through the Rocky Mountains.

Walrod’s work is influenced by similarities and differences between imagined or reconstructed environments, with the figurative elements often created from images of the Canadian wilderness.

Layers of paint act as a symbol of the mind’s ability to retain detailed information, while at the same time, leaving certain elements unclear. In her own words, Walrod “reacts to the paintings with each layer or erasure, adjusting contrasting activity and quiet, opacity and transparency, chaos and balance”. Tactility is very important to the artist’s practice. Images are incorporated with collage and digital technologies, while maintaining the exploration of paint.

Samantha Walrod received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta in 2013. Her paintings can be found in various private collections across Canada.

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